1967 born in Bielefeld / Germany
1988-94 Studies at FH Bielefeld, University of Applied Sciences, Diploma in Painting at Prof. Inge Dörries-Höher
1992 scholarship-resicency program, EG Programm Comett, Lyon / Frankreich
1994-99 Studies at Braunschweig, University of Art, Brunswick / Germany
1999 diploma and master student of Prof. Hermann Albert
2001 scholarship-resicency program, Künstlerhaus Meinersen
2007 award winner Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum, Hilden

2013 Member of the Berlin artist magazine RUW

2018 The 1st International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen, China
2019 scholarship-resicency program, TNT International Artists Residence, Shenzhen, China

Kathrin Rank lives and works in Berlin


Solo Exhibitions (S) Group Exhibitons (G) Catalogue (C) Film (F)



TNT Galleriy, Dafen, Shenzhen, China, "T-Plan" curated by 贝尼 BeiNi (G)

Project space Zwitschermaschine, Berlin, "RUW! 8" (G) (C)
Project space Zwitschermaschine, Berlin, "das nackte Antlitz", curated by Hannah Becher (G) 
TNT Gallery, Dafen, Shenzhen, China, "Project T." (G)

Gallery ARTAe, Leipzig, "Flüchtige Ewigkeit" (E)
Fen-Found Galleries Art Week, curated by TNT Gallery, Dafen, Shenzhen, China

artist Magazine RUW! Issue 8 - Walle! walle


Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China (G)
Gallery Falkenberg, Hanover "Accrochage" (G)

Gallery ARTAe, Leipzig (G)
TNT Gallery, Dafen, Shenzhen, China, "flower power", curated by Poul R. Weile (G) (C)
TNT International Artists Residency, Shenzhen, China "open studios" (G)
Fair Art Bodensee, Gallery Cyprian Brenner
Haus der Kunst, München, "SuperBOOKS" (G)
Gallery Z22, Berlin "landscape" (mit S. Engeln und M.Fischer)
Schloss Herrenhausen with the Gallery Falkenberg, Hannover (G)
SCHAUFENSTER, Space for Art, Berlin "RUW! 7", curated by Hans Könings (G) (C)
artist Magazine RUW! Issue 7 – Don´t eat the yellow snow


The Red Cube Public Museum, "The 1st Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale", Shenzhen, China (G) (C)
Gallery Falkenberg, Hanover "Accrochage" (G)

Babette, Berlin "WonderWomen ART b!tch" curated by Britta (Helbig) Adler (G)
Gallery Falkenberg, Hanover (with Schallenberg)
Richard Haizmann Museum, Niebüll (S)
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